ESPN The Magazine Considers "No-Clothes" Issue

What was once a hilarious ad will become reality, according to USA Today. Well, sort of. ESPN The Magazine will counter Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue with a "Body Issue," featuring male and female athletes with no clothes. For more explanation, we turn it over to editor in chief Gary Belsky:

"We're toying with the idea of making it a no-clothes issue," Belsky says from his office in Manhattan. But first, he says, he and his staff will have to figure out how to "use equipment and pads and bats and goalposts and soccer nets and pucks and helmets to obscure body parts that we still can't quite go to in a magazine that's part of a company owned by (Disney)."

There will be a "Best Bodies" ranking in the magazine, as voted on by athletes. In a sort of creepy twist, a male who is described as a "very big star" will allow photographers into the operating room during a surgery. Forget no clothes; we're going no skin up in this piece!

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on Jun 23, 2009

No problem with this, just wondering if ratings are that bad they need a gimmick.

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